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PBJ Youth Photography Program overview


Give your athletes the opportunity to have fun and build rapport together before or during their 2018/19 season…

Jeremy can create awesome team/Individual images that give your athletes the opportunity to

feel like stars when they reveal their mind-blowing Images, posters or banners to their friends,

family and community.

Jeremy is a renowned photoshop expert and his unique sports composites have created a large

buzz in the youth sports communities.

Let Photo By Jeremy create cutting-edge Photos, posters and banners that will instantly set your team in a league apart from all others!




What Jeremy’s program offers

  • Cutting edge Team and Individual Photos for all players and Coaches in the league

  • New age technology that allows photos to be taken off ice/field/court - saves  precious time for the kids to practice.

  • No upfront costs or fees- Jeremy sells directly to the parents

  • Online gallery and store front so you see your kids photos before you buy- (no more hoping they came out ok, you’ll know before you buy)  

  • Affordable pricing - everyone should be able to purchase a  photo of their child without breaking the bank.



Multiple Signing Bonus’ to choose from

  • 2  Premium Sports Deck tickets to a Bruins home game  

  • League wide Sponsorship collect 20% of our photo sales




A few more Perks

  • Free coach and player photos

  • Complimentary packages for photo day coordinators.




  • If you sign up for multiple years we will provide plaques to all your sponsors or custom team banners for each team in your league.




2018-19  Photo Pricing:

The most affordable and competitive pricing in the state     "Bentley quality at Accord pricing"

PBJ Offers pre-order packages for those parents who already know what they want, and an ala-carte menu for those who are budget conscious and only want a single print.


Pre- Order Package A  $50.00      1- individual 8x10     1-Team 8x10    1-Sportsmate 8x10

Pre- Order Package B  $35.00      1- Individual 8x10     1-Team 5x7     1-Sportsmate 5x7   

Pre- Order Package C  $25.00      1 - Individual 5x7      1-Team 5x7     1-Sportsmate 5x7

Pre- Order Package D  $60.00       3- Hi Rez Digital Downloads- for unlimited printing and sharing


Ala-Carte Size & Pricing:

5x7 -$20.00      8x10 -$35.00     11x14 -$45.00         16x20  -$65.00


Digital Download -   $35.00/photo includes a print release letter that allows unlimited printing of the photo at a lab of your choice.




2018-19 Sports Game Action Photo Pricing:

Invite Jeremy to one of your games*  to have 1000’s of action packed photos taken of your players.  Jeremy will create your team/league a online private gallery to share with your teams families.

Long gone are the days of sitting down at a table after a long cold  game staring at a screen

looking for your child and paying big $$$ for a  4x6 print. With PBJ you can do it in the warm

comfort of your home or on the go with your mobile phone.

Instant Digital Downloading pricing -   $1.50 per photo includes print release letter that allows

unlimited Printing of the Photos at a lab of your choice


Or use Jeremy’s lab

4x6 print-   $2.50       5x7 print- $5.00      larger print sizes and products available upon request.


* Subject to availability


Check out our SPORTS TEMPLATE GALLERY to see just some of the possibilities and start brainstorming ideas for your team!